Thursday, April 28, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy Revisions- Supernatural Gifts

Demon Gifts
*Devil's Deal: Anyone who enters willingly into a bargain with a demon-blooded must fulfill the terms of the contract or become sickened, with their Strong, Quick, and HP reduced to half, rounded up. This sickness remains until the contract is fulfilled or the demon-blooded willingly releases the target from the contract. This ability is a double-edged sword; as the demon-blooded suffers the same penalty if they break their half of the bargain. They must either fulfill their end or else be released by the target. A demon-blooded can have only one Devil's Deal active at a time.
*Nightmare Sending: The demon-blooded stands over a sleeping or unconscious individual and makes a Magic vs. Magic attack. On a success, the target suffers terrifying nightmares (though does not awaken) and the demon-blooded can siphon 1d6 HP from them, adding them to his own. This ability can be used only once per night.
*Regeneration: The demon-blooded heals five times faster than ordinary humans. Wounds caused by a vulnerability, however, heal at the normal rate.
*Sorcery- The character has access to the Sorcery school of magic. This is treated as an aptitude and not a gift.
*Stronger- as per the lesser gift
*Unearthly Beauty- as per the fae-blooded gift

Demon Weaknesses
Ban: Holy ground/holy symbols
Dependence: inflicting torment on humans, making deals with humans, seducing humans
Vulnerability: Cold iron, blessed weapons (double damage in either case)

Fae Gifts 
Exactly as written in the OneDice Urban Fantasy book, with one exception
*Shapeshifting- At character creation, the fae-blooded must choose whether they can assume any basically humanoid form, or whether they can shapeshift into animals. If they take this gift twice, they may shapeshift into either.

Fae Weaknesses  
Exactly as written in the OneDice Urban Fantasy book, with the following changes:
*Vulnerability- Weapons made of the substance do double damage, objects do damage over time. 

Lesser Gifts - All natural gifts from the book work now fall under this category. The following are some new additions:
*Lesser Regeneration- As the demon ability, but the character only heals twice as fast.

Magical Heritage Gifts 
A character can select one of the following types of magic for which they have an inborn gift.  The magic system revision post will address the difference between a magical gift and an aptitude.
*Druidic Magic
*Elemental Magic (new type of magic)
*Fae Magic
*Hemomancy (new type of magic)

Vampire Gifts 

Necromancy- Treated as an aptitude, not a gift 
Shapeshifting- Vampires can only choose the form of a bat, wolf, or cloud of mist
Spider Climb
Sorcery- Treated as an aptitude, not a gift

Vampire Weaknesses 

Ban: Consecrated ground, holy symbols
*Dependence: Human blood
*Vulnerability: A wooden stake through the heart paralyzes the vampire until someone removes it. Sunlight inflicts 1-3 points of damage per round of exposure.

Werebeast Forms 
*Werebear:  +3 Strong, -1 Clever, +2 Brawl, +1 Notice, +1 Tracking, +10 Health, +10 Movement
Natural Weapons inflict 3 damage

*Werewolf: +2 Strong, -1 Clever, +2 Quick, +1 Brawl, +2 Notice, +2 Tracking, +5 Health, +30 Move
Natural Weapons inflict 2 damage

*Wereraven: -1 Strong, +3 Quick, +2 Notice, +2 to HtH and Ranged defense. +20 to Move (flight)
Natural Weapons inflict 1 damage

Werebeast Weaknesses  
Lunacy- On the night of the full moon, and the nights before and after, werebeasts cannot control their change. They will change automatically when provoked, injured, or excited on these nights.

Vulnerability (Silver) Silver weapons have double the damage rating against werebeasts. Even exposure to silver objects can cause severe burns.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy- Unofficial Revisions (DM Wieg Style)

So I love the idea and concepts behind the OneDice system. I particularly like OneDice Urban Fantasy, and I've posted scattered material for it across this blog.

However, I don't really dig on the math behind it.

So, with sincere apologies to Peter Cakebread, I'm posting my revisions to the system. (And I will totally pull them if he objects)

Oh- and I'm still working on White Box Cyberpunk. These revisions took me all of an hour or so.The revisions also assume that you have access to OneDice Urban Fantasy- they will not be a complete game unto themselves.

Strong, Clever, Quick, and Magic - All being at 0, which is adult human average. PCs have 4 points to spend, and cannot put more than 3 points in a single attribute. A rating of 3 is also the absolute maximum for mundane humans. You can reduce Strong, Clever, or Quick to -1 for a bonus point to spend elsewhere, but you can only decrease one attribute to -1. A character must have a rating of 1 in Magic to be a supernatural being; a rating of 0 means the character is a mundane human.

Derived Attributes-
Health: (Strong+2) x2
Movement: Quickness x10
          Hand-to-Hand: (Quickness +2) x2  + Skill (Melee or Brawling)
          Ranged: (Quickness +2) x2 + Cover modifier
          Magic: Magic x3

Characters receive 6 points to distribute among skills. All skills begin at 0. Characters can have a maximum of 2 points in a skill at creation. A skill rating of 3 is the absolute maximum for a mortal human. At the GM's discretion, supernaturals might be able to have a skill at a higher rating. (An ancient mummy might have an Occult Lore skill well above 3, for instance) Each skill has an attribute tied to it. When you roll that skill, you add skill + attribute. Some skills are tied to two attributes, in that case you roll whichever is higher or most applicable to the situation.

Strong skills: Brawl, Intimidate, Melee

Clever skills: Academics, Alchemy**, Animal Handling, Artificing**, Business, Computer, Craft*,  Demolitions,  Firearms, Intimidate, Investigate, Language*, Lockpicking, Medicine,  Notice, Occult Lore, Survival, Persuade, Research, Science,  Streetwise, Tracking

Quick Skills: Sneak, Drive, Bows, Melee, Thrown Weapons

 *These skills are actually a family of separate skills. The character must choose a separate language, craft, etc.

**These skills can operate on either Clever or Magic. A character must have a Magic rating of 1 to even learn these skills at all.

Supernatural Type: 
A character who has a Magic score of 1 or higher is a supernatural creature. Select one of the following archetypes. Characters with Magic 0 are mundanes and skip this step.

Demon-blooded- Pick 2 demonic gifts, take 1 demonic weakness
Fae-blooded- Pick 2 fae gifts, take 1 fae weakness
Gifted- take 2 lesser gifts
Magical Heritage- Choose 1 school of magic to be gifted in, choose 1 to have an aptitude in
Vampire- +2 Strength, +2 Quickness, Dominate, chose 1 vampire gift, take all vampire weaknesses
Werebeast- Choose 1 werebeast form, take all werebeast weaknesses

I will post supernatural gifts in a follow-up post. The only ones I will detail are new ones I wrote up or abilities that I changed significantly from the rules. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk: Combat Tweaks Draft 1

The combat rules in my White Box Cyberpunk are pretty much identical to those in S&W White Box, but I needed to make a few tweaks to accommodate boosted reflexes, neuromancer programs, and automatic weapons.

Violence is an everyday occurrence in the sprawls and megaplexes of the future. When characters resort to combat (or are attacked), the game follows the following routine:

1) Determine surprise - if there is the chance that one or both sides will be surprised, the players (or GM) roll 1d6. On the result of a 1 or 2, that side is surprised. If one side is surprised, the other gets a free round of attacks and actions against them. If neither side is surprised, or if both sides are, proceed to Step 2.
Boosted Reflexes: Characters with the boosted reflexes implant are only surprised on a 1. On the roll of 2, they are not surprised even if the rest of their party is. 

 2) Determine initiative- Roll 1d6 for each side. The side with the higher roll goes first. On a tie, all actions occur simultaneously.
Boosted Reflexes: These characters always act first on a tie, though they can be tied with other individuals with boosted reflexes.

3.) The party with initiative acts first
          a. Resolve neuromancer programs
          b. Resolve ranged attacks
          c. Resolve movement
          d. Resolve melee attacks

4.) The party that lost initiative now acts as per Step 3.

5.) If the combat continues, start again at Step 2 and repeat until the fight is over.
Attacks: Roll 1d20 + the attacker's BHB + any bonus/penalty from dexterity/strength + other modifiers. If the result is equal or greater than the opponent's Armor Class, roll damage and apply it to the target's hit points. 
The natural roll of a 20 is always a hit. The natural roll of a 1 is always a miss. 
At the GM's option, rolling a 20 might carry an additional advantage such as double damage or maximum damage, whereas the roll of a 1 might cause some kind of misfortune or mishap.

Damage and Death
A character who is reduced to 0 hit points is dead. However, medicine in the dark future is more advanced, so a character might be saved if someone gets to them in time. A successful use of the medic task will keep a character from dying if it is administered within 1d6 rounds of death. This will keep a character alive for 1d6 turns so that he can be taken to a medical facility or a street doc.

Combat Options

Here are a few simple combat maneuvers the GM can introduce to make combat more tactical. Most of them are restricted to enforcers, who should in all cases outshine the other classes in direct combat.

Defend- A character who does nothing but concentrate on defense (staying low, parrying, etc) gets a +2 bonus (+4 for enforcers) to Armor Class for the round, but cannot make any attacks and can only move at 1/2 their rate.

Dual Wielding- Enforcers may wield two melee weapons or two firearms, provided they are one handed. This makes the use of a shield impossible, as well as the use of any object in either hand or any task requiring two hands. When using two weapons,  the character receives +1 to the attack roll and +1 to damage, representing the increased chance of a favorable hit. At the GM's option, Infiltrators may use two firearms (only), provided they are one-handed. Other classes may carry two weapons, but gain no mechanical benefit from doing so.

Sneak Attack- Enforcers and infiltrators may make a sneak attack against a target who is unaware of them. Sneak attacks made with ranged weapons must be executed within the short range bracket of the weapon. A sneak attack receives a +4 bonus to the attack roll and inflicts double the damage indicated on the dice on a successful hit.

Suppression Fire- Enforcers wielding a gun capable of full auto can use suppression fire. They may spray an 50 ft cone shaped area within the short range bracket of the gun. All targets must spend their next action doing nothing except seeking cover or dropping prone. Those who fail to do so automatically take damage as if hit with a single bullet from the gun. At the GM's option, a target can make a saving throw to act at -2 to attacks and checks but not take the automatic damage.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk: Cyberware, Draft 2

I added prices, most based on the lists in Cyberpunk 2020.

Cyberware implants are the way of the future. They have saved countless lives and made previously inhuman feats possible. However, they come with a terrible cost. As people lose more and more of themselves, they tend to develop a mental illness called Implant Depersonalization Syndrome.

All characters begin with a Cyberware Tolerance (CT) of 10. Having a constitution or wisdom score will provide an accumulative +1 to initial CT score. Scores of less than 9 in those abilities will likewise subtract 1 point from a character's CT score.

Every implant has a CT Loss number. When a character gets an implant installed, their CT is reduced by the listed number. As a character's CT reaches certain points, they begin to suffer penalties.

CT less than 7 - The character must make a saving throw or develop Stage I IDS. A person with Stage I has a distant, detached demeanor to them. They have -1 to reaction rolls and -1 to any task involving charisma

CT less than 3 - Stage II IDS - If a character with Stage I drops below 3 CT, they must make another saving throw or progress to Stage II. Even if they make the saving throw, they must repeat the save every month. At the GM's option, there might be street drugs or sketchy treatments available to give them a bonus to the save or skip the save entirely, but then the character has to deal with expense, addiction, etc. Characters with Stage II IDS have a -2 to reaction rolls and to charisma based tasks.

CT 0- Stage III IDS- A character who reaches 0 CT either dies or becomes a ravening, inhuman machine. Either way, the character is now an NPC under the GM's control. Rumor has it of black projects that keep these "cyberzombies" alive to be used as weapons, as well as rumors of Stage IIIs who manage to keep their sapience intact but are deranged psychopaths.

The implants listed in italics are basic implants, the ones offset under them are features that can be installed at an additional cost, but no additional CT loss. (With the exception of the neuro-interface link)

Cyberware            Cost CT Loss   Notes

Eyes                      500        .5
      -Telescopic      200                     Shift ranges one category down
      -IR                   200                     See heat signatures, see in the dark
Ears                                    .5
     -Transmitter    300                      Hear/transmit radio frequencies
     -Sound Amp    200                    +2 to all listening tasks

Head Computer   1,000      1         Always have a computer, storage

      -Neuro-Interface   *      +1      Neuromancer's required headware

Weapon Link           100     .5        +1 hit with linked weapon

Arms                        500             1
  -Internal Weapon   500            1d6+1 weapon
  -Integrated Tools    350             Pick tool kit

Legs                         500       1
   -Hydraulic Jacks   500             Triple jumping distance

Adrenal System     400         1      +2d6 extra temporary hp
Boosted Reflexes  500          2      Roll twice to be surprised, +2 individual init
Bone Lacing         300          1      +3 extra hit points
Blood Filtration    300         .5     +2 save vs. poisons, diseases
Muscle Graft       1,000        1       +1 hit/dmg in melee, +2 encumbrance slots
Internal Air Supply 300      .5     30 min air supply
Subdermal Armor 1,000      1     +1 AC, cumulative with worn armor

*Neuromancers automatically begin with a head computer that has a neuro-interface. They needn't pay money for it, but they do suffer the CT loss.

Monday, April 18, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk: Gear, Draft 1

 Ah, the part of the game I have dreaded above all others.
One of my two major problems with cyberpunk rpgs is the tendency for it to become gear porn. A lot of the old Shadowrun games I used to play felt more like the players were playing walking equipment lists.

To this end, I'm starting by just plain ripping off the weapon and armor stats from either Skyscrapers & Sorcery or White Lies, which are nigh-identical. I've broken them down into light, medium, and heavy weapons to go along with my class write-ups. I have adjusted the mechanics a little bit to better fit my game.

Cyberware will be addressed in a separate post. I also hope I can somehow pare this down to be even simpler...although it is no more complicated than the tables in S&S and WL.

I'm not going to bother writing explanations of common weapons. I'm also leaving them generic so that GMs can decide whether to name them after real life firearms, make up fake firearm models like Shadowrun, or just decide that it's unimportant.

I think I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I took the miscellaneous gear from Cyberpunk 2020... at least the gadget names and basic idea. Alright, enough navel gazing. 

How to read the weapons chart:

RoF- Rate of Fire. This is how many times a character can attack in one round. Note that this doesn't "stack" with an enforcer's combat machine ability. (A 4th level enforcer using a RoF 2 weapon attacks 4 times.)

Rng- Range. The range increment of the weapon in yards. One increment is short range, no penalty. Two increments is medium range, -2 to hit. Three increments is long range, -4 to hit. Accurate fire beyond that is impossible. Melee weapons with a range can be thrown.

Avail- Availability. This is the chance on a d6 that the character can find the weapon for sale. Weapons with 0 availability can only be obtained through fixer contacts. Characters cannot begin the game with any weapon that has an availability of less than 3.

BP- Ballistic Protection. Armor reduces incoming damage from bullets by the listed amount. Attacks still inflict a minimum of 1 point of damage, however. Damage from other sources is not reduced.

Slight adjustment to my classes: infiltrators can use a sniper rifle, despite it being a heavy weapon. It is the only heavy weapon they can use.

Firearms                    Dmg     RoF   Rng  Ammo  Cost  Avail.

Holdout Pistol            1d6-1     1         10      2            20      6 
Revolver                    1d6+1     2         50      6          50       6
Revolver, Big            1d6+2     2         50      6           75       6
SA Pistol                   1d6         2         75     12          120     6       
Taser+                        Spec.       1        10       2          300    5      

+A target hit by a taser takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.

Shotgun, Dbl Barrel 1d6+3*   2          30     2        100   5                    
Shotgun, Pump         1d6+3*   1         30     5        150    5  
Submachine Gun#    1d6+1     2         50    20       900     4                     
Semi-Auto Rifle       1d6+2     2        150     8       800     5

#The weapon can fire a 3-round burst in place of a regular attack. This uses up three bullets and grants +2 to hit and damage.
*Shotgun damage drops to 1d6+1 at medium range and 1d6-1 at long range.

Assault Rifle#        1d6+2       2        150      30   1,500     4
Big Game Rifle      2d6+2       1        300      5     2,000    4
Flamethrower& 1d6        1         30      10     400      2
Rocket Launcher~     4d6       1/2       200      1    500       2
Sniper Rifle               2d6        1         500      15   500      3
Shotgun, SA            1d6+3*    2         30        5    200       3

#The weapon can fire a 3-round burst in place of a regular attack. This uses up three bullets and grants +2 to hit and damage. The weapon can also go full-auto, consuming all attacks for the round and either granting +2 to hit and double damage OR allowing the shooter to attack 1d4 targets with normal hit and damage modifiers. 
&Sets the target on fire, doing 1d6 damage/round until extinguished.
~ Does full damage at impact point, -1d6 for every 5 feet the target is away. A successful saving throw will halve the damage.


Flash-Bang    Stun                        1      4        -        30    5  No dmg, save or be stunned 1d6 rounds
                                                                                              and blinded 1d6 rounds
Frag                 2d6                       1       4        -       40    5
Incendiary       2d6                       1       4         -      40     5
Smoke              -                           1       4         -      30    5
Plastique        1d6+2/charge         1       -          -    100   4
Launcher        As grenade             1      40       5    300   3

All explosives count as medium weapons. However, grenade launchers count as heavy weapons.

 Explosive damage: explosives do full damage to all targets in a 5' radius from the point of impact, with the damage dropping 1 die for each 5' away from ground zero. In the case of stun grenades, targets 5' beyond the center of impact get +2 to save and are stunned for 1d6-1 rounds. Targets beyond that are mechanically unaffected.

Archaic Weapons

Axe, Hatchet      1d6-1     1    4       1       10     6
Brass Knuckles  1d6-1     1    -         -       10     6
Crossbow, Wrist 1d6-1   1/2   40     1       50     4
Knife/Dagger     1d6-1     1    4        1      10      6
Nightstick           1d6        1    -         -      20      6
Stun Baton^        Spec.     1    -          -     50      4
Sling/Slingshot   1d6-2    1    30       1     20      6
Unarmed Att      1d6-2    1     -         -      -        -

Crossbow           1d6      1/2    80     1    60       5
Machete             1d6        1       -      -     25      6
Spear                  1d6       1       4       1    15     6
Staff**               1d6        1      -       -     20      6
Sword                 1d6+1   1      -        -   100     6

Axe, Battle        1d6+2    1     -        -    150     5
Compound Bow 1d6+1   2    60      1    50      6
Sword, Tech^^    1d6       1     -        - 1,000    2
Whip, Tech^^ % 1d6-1    1    3        -  2,000   1

^Target takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds
^^ Tech weapons treat all targets as being AC 12.
%Whips have a range, but cannot be thrown. This represents the extra reach such weapons have and can attack an opponent at a distance.

Armor     AC   BP  Cost Avail
 Light       +2    -1     100    6
Medium   +4    -2     250    5
Heavy      +6    -3     800    3
Shield^    +2     -      100    5

^These are heavy ballistic shields, often used by police for riot control. They count as heavy armor anda character using such a shield cannot use two handed weapons or use that arm for anything but keeping the shield on front of them.

Ammo                              Cost     Avail.    Notes
Bullets, assault rifle          100         4          Box of 60
Bullets, big game               75          3         Box of 50
Bullets, handgun                10         6          Box of 50
Bullets, rifle                       20        6           Box of 50
Bullets, shotgun                 10        6           Box of 20
Bullets, SMG                     50        4          Box of 40

Special Ammo
Armor-Piercing: Ignores two points of BP.   x2 cost
Hollow Point: -2 to hit, +2 to damage           x2 cost
Gel Rounds: Target takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.                                                            x1.5 cost

Weapon Accessories   Cost        Notes 

Firearm Accessories

Cyberlink  Capable        100       Firearms only, allows connection to cyberlink implants
Extended Magazines      10        150% ammo capacity, but no concealment. Non-revol
Gas Vent                         50       Autofire guns get an additional +1 when using bursts
Mounted Flashlight        10
Scope                              50       Treat medium range as short, long as medium, add a long range
Shoulder Holster            10        Conceal handguns under a coat or jacket
Speed Loader                  2         Reload revolvers in 1 round (normally takes 3)
Suppressor                      50       Reduce noise of guns

Archaic Weapon Accessories

Diamond Edge              200       +1 hit and damage for edged weapons
Explosive Bolts               30      +2 damage for crossbows and bows

Armor Accessories
Casual Design             x1.5        Light armor only. Looks like normal clothes.    
Enviro-Seal                 x2           Heavy armor only. Sealed suit, 60 min. oxygen
Tactical Pockets          +75         Provides 3 extra encumbrance slots 
Thermoptics                x3          +2 to sneaking/stealth attempts

Misc Gear
Tech Toolkit             200                      Used to
B&E Tools       200                               Used for covert ops
Flashtube                 10                       6 hours of light
Rebreather               200                       30 min. air supply, also filters air
Digital Camera        200                       
Roll-Up Laptop      350
Pocket Computer    500
Comm Unit            200
Binoculars               20
Binoglasses            50                      Binoculars, but disguised as sunglasses
IR Goggles            250
Medkit                  200
Rope                      20                      Nylon, per 50 ft. 

Vehicles are a bit more complicated. Given their cost, I'm not sure how I can set up starting PCs with gear. I might take a page from Skyscarapers & Sorcery and allow for a starting package.

Vehicles                 Cost    Pass   Cargo   Spd  Cnt  HP            
Scooter                      1k    1+1         0         80     +1   8
Motorcycle               4k     1+1         0       160     +2   12
CityCar                    13k    1+4        10cf   140     +0   15
Small Subcompact  10k     1+3        4cf     110    +1   12
Medium Sedan        20k    1+4        12cf    160    +0   25
Sportscar                100k    1+1        8cf     200     +3   18
Luxury Sedan           50k   1+4        15cf   160     +0   30

Squatter/Transient  Free!                   Cannot heal naturally, -2 charisma
Low                        100/month          Heal naturally at half rate
Medium                  500/month
High                      1,000/month        +1 hp healed/day
Luxury                  2,000/month+      +2 healed/day, +1 to charisma


Friday, April 15, 2016

KantCon 2016 and My Loss of Street Cred

I'm going to KantCon this July for the 5th year in a row. Since I always seem to run Lamentations (whether I intend to or not), I decided to continue the tradition. Likewise, I am continuing my yearly Starships & Spacemen 2nd edition event that uses the same crew and ship.

The events I'm running:

"You Never Get a Second Chance" (Starships & Spacemen 2nd edition) The crew of the Armiger is charged with recovering a first contact mission gone horribly wrong on a planet with hostile flora and fauna.

"A Thousand Dead Babies", the module by Zzarchov Kowolski. I'm using the Lamentations rules for it. I'm also changing the name - see below for that story. I'm going to try to make it "extra pilgrim-y" and play up the whole "Young Goodman Brown" aspect of the tale.

"Djinn and Tonics" (OneDice Urban Fantasy) The PCs are charged with stopping an unstable, unlicensed alchemist plying his trade in the supernatural community of San Francisco.

"The Devil Rakan" (Ruins & Ronin) As troubleshooters for the local daimyo, the PCs are tasked with recovering delinquency taxes from a fishing village. However, all is not what it seems...

Alright, so let's talk about the name change. The KantCon staff contacted me and asked me to change the name of the event. KantCon is a family event. They're worried about people complaining about the name.

They didn't tell me. They didn't threaten or cajole me. They asked me, and they did so very politely. I agreed to re-title the event "The Goat, the Basinet, and the Dark, Dark Woods." I get that there are a lot of families at KantCon. This is my con, and it's been very good to me over the years. I have been asked to change nothing except for the event title.

There are probably some folks in the blog community who would have probably pulled the event, refused to change the name, made snide comments about SJWs/crybullies/censorship, or something equally charming.

That being said, I'm looking forward to KantCon and to my events.

I am very, very close to finishing the horrendous grind that is the gear chapter for White Box Cyberpunk, after which I will knock out the cyberware. It should all be downhill from there, methinks.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cyberpunk Progress Report

Work continues on my White Box Cyberpunk treatment. I've been writing the equipment/gear chapter, which kind of makes me want to gouge my own eyes out. I hate the "gear porn" aspect of cyberpunk. I'm borrowing heavily from both White Lies and Skyscrapers & Sorcery. I imagine my cyberware will be heavily borrowed from Polychrome (the cyberpunk supplement for my beloved Stars Without Number.) My cyberware will be a bit less harsh and unreliable, though.

I'm trying to keep it simple. White Box, y'all.

The post is partially complete. I'm going to try to have it up in the next few days. Of course, I still need to work on this Friday's session of The Royal Society Files.