Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Slight Bump in the Road

Ack. I forgot that I have a wedding to attend on the Local Game Day. I can get free for the evening, but it means I have to choose between The Sunken Tower of Tsenophal and A Strange Request. Vexing.

...though I suppose I can run A Strange Request (My White Star module) at KantCon this July.

My Fate game might not run this Friday either, due to the absence of one player and the likely absence of another...and we're not even through chargen yet.

Next week I am slated to resume my RIFTS Madhaven campaign from last summer. On the subject of RIFTS, however...

A few years ago, my pal Nathan and I started working on a conversion of RIFTS to AD&D 1st edition. We made a healthy amount of progress into it, and it might even be playable, although Techno-Wizards (which I renamed Technomancers, because... yeah) were a major stalling-out point for me.


White Star has me thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could simplify the idea of RIFTS even further and do a more White Box-y treatment of it, rather than the muck and mire of AD&D 1. (Disclaimer: I love that particular muck and mire, but lately my tastes bend toward the simpler.)

I might jot some notes down. I'm note sure if my pro-Palladium Thursday group would be interested, but my Friday and Sunday groups probably would be...

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over

So many goodies.

I've downloaded whatever White Star compatible stuff that Tenkar has blogged about. I'm getting really excited about this game. I think I'll run it back-to-back with Sunken Tower of Tsenophal at the upcoming local game day.

Fate, like it's oft-forgotten ancestor Fudge, has a looooot of work on the front end.
We didn't finish character generation last time, partially because we spent so much time trying to figure out which of Fate's tools to use to adjudicate the supernatural powers in the setting. I'm going to toy around with it this week and present a proposal to the group. That'll be a post in itself, for the two of you who read this and actually give a crap about Fate.

D&D was a bust Sunday. With only two regular players, it's hard to play if one can't make it. I'm trying to recruit some of my blokes from campaigns past to thicken our ranks.

Petty Gods is free on pdf. I downloaded. Holy crap I don't have time to read this. Holy crap I'm reading it anyway.

Downloaded a game called Ghostories on a whim. Because between Chill/Cryptworld, Majus, Bloodshadow, Savage Worlds Horror Companion, and Silent Legions, I was really missing a modern horror game in my collection. I need professional help. (Oh and Witchcraft and pretty much all the Eden games...and all my old 2nd ed WoD stuff...good gods...) 

This is the last week of the school year. Once the week is over, finals are graded, and the young'uns dispatched until next year, I will have quite a bit more free time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rolling On

My Fate game is coming together, albeit a little slowly. It's interesting to do group world-building.

I downloaded White Star, despite owning both Stars Without Number and X-plorers. It definitely has a different flavor to it. In fact, I kind of see the three different games through three different lenses:

Stars Without Number- Mass Effect 3, Bad Ending (well, they're all bad, but you get the idea...)
Explorers: 50's science fiction with bubble helmets, cigar-shaped rockets, and ray-guns.
White Star: Grubby 70's sci-fi, original Star Wars Trilogy or original Battlestar Galactica....there's possibly some Buck Rogers in there, but I confess I'm not familiar enough with that series to know for sure.

My Thursday group (which I have been heavily absent to these last two months) has asked me to reinstate my RIFTS Madhaven hex/dungeon crawl from last summer. This will make me a very busy beaver, having finished grad school and with summer break coming up next week for my students, I will have an indulgence of free time.

Engines & Empires continues to be fun. I've hit 3rd level, which is no small feat in an OD&D styled game. I'd say 90% of our experience comes from treasure won. I think it's finally sunk in with the other players that combat is better avoided when possible. (I'd insert my B/X Medusa example, but I think I've thrown that out about a dozen times on this blog.)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gettin' Strange on the Cheap

So hey guys, I scored a copy of The Strange for ten bucks plus shipping. Factory sealed. It just showed up on my doorstep tonight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Lil' Present for Myself

So I filled out some Employee Health Survey thingie a few months ago, and for my troubles I received today a $25 Visa gift card.

Already spent. My prize: East Texas University for Savage Worlds. Hot.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Useless Snark

Perusing the used shelves at my FLGS this evening, I discovered that someone had sold off a huge collection of FGU's old sci-fi rpg, Space Opera. Being the curious guy that I am, I cracked it open and read a little bit of it. I thought... "I might run this....

....if I hated myself."

Stars Without Number uber alles.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adding a Little Salt to the Flayed King

Tim Shorts dropped a free S&W adventure on us this week, "The Flayed King." It's ballin', yo. Really it's more of a location than a sequence of events. It's still awesome and I still can't wait to use it.

How to complicate The Flayed King (for those who don't believe in a free lunch). Roll 1d6 or pick or use several of the following:

(Spoilers, kids. Run for the hills if you finna play in this)

1. The King will not speak unless the PCs offer someone to replace him.
2. The King has no tongue. To make him speak, a freshly cut-out tongue must be inserted into his mouth. This tongue is irretrievable and can never be regrown.
3. The King has a 30% chance of lying and telling the PC whatever false information will cause them the greatest harm.
4. The King tells the exact inverse of the truth.
5. The King speaks a language nobody has spoken in 1,000 years. (And remember he speaks only once a year) If the PCs catch enough of the phrase, maybe they can get a rough translation by consulting an old text somewhere. (Klaatu, verata, uh...n...nuh...nghamahm....)
6. The PCs can never speak aloud, write down, telepath, or otherwise communicate the information they learn from the King. Their hand writes something else, their voice catches in their throat, etc.